Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beach by the side of Suratkal Engineering college

After becoming the .NET Compact Framework (.NETCF) dynamic memory management module owner I am continually learning a lot about the subject. Based on hallway discussion I figured out that a lot of developers are not very clear about the subject and would like to learn more. Most online material I encountered gets into too much of details and implementation for most casual readers.

So here is my attempt to write up a series on GC. I plan to cover the basic stuff and then move into details of .NET CF GC including performance, profiling. I plan to cover bits of desktop .NET GC as well (but for that Maoni’s blog is a better resource) The first two in this series is already published. I will keep this post updated to act as an index into the series.

  1. Memory allocation, a walk down the history
  2. Why use garbage collection
  3. Reference Counting Garbage Collection
  4. Mark-sweep garbage collection
  5. Copying garbage collection
  6. Optimizing reference counting garbage collection
  7. Handling overflow in mark stage
  8. Generational Garbage Collection
  9. How does the GC find object references
  10. More to come … :)

In case you have some suggestion send it my way and I will try to include that as well…

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