Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guy or a Girl

Hyderabad Microsoft Campus

One interesting aspect of working in Internationally distributed team is that sometime it gets difficult to make common judgements. E.g. when we see a name we inherently figure out whether it's a male or female name and refer to that person as such in email. The issue is that I cannot always make the same judgement in case of names from another country/culture.

In my previous team in a long email thread someone continually referred to Khushboo as "he". Khushboo didn't correct him and it went on for some time until I pointed out that to him in a separate email. Today I was typing an email to someone and suddenly figured out I had no idea whether one of the person I'm referring to is male or female. I took a wild guess and I'm waiting to get corrected.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby smash

Waiting in the Microsoft lobby

What is the common thing between every programmer dad/mom? The moment they get onto a new UI platform they write a child proofing application for the keyboard.

Scott Hanselman has just posted his version baby smash (via AmitChat). The funny thing is I've written one in WPF and so did my ex-manager.