Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guy or a Girl

Hyderabad Microsoft Campus

One interesting aspect of working in Internationally distributed team is that sometime it gets difficult to make common judgements. E.g. when we see a name we inherently figure out whether it's a male or female name and refer to that person as such in email. The issue is that I cannot always make the same judgement in case of names from another country/culture.

In my previous team in a long email thread someone continually referred to Khushboo as "he". Khushboo didn't correct him and it went on for some time until I pointed out that to him in a separate email. Today I was typing an email to someone and suddenly figured out I had no idea whether one of the person I'm referring to is male or female. I took a wild guess and I'm waiting to get corrected.

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Abhay said...

Thats why I use the photo add-ins in Outlook which show the person's photos. It makes the identification job easier and also has the added advantage of making an alias more human