Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to add a breakpoint in a managed generic method in windbg (sos)

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This is not really a blog post but a micro-post. Someone asked me and since I couldn’t find any post out there calling it out, thought I’d add

If you want to add a breakpoint to a managed method inside windbg using sos extension, the obvious way is to use the extension command !bpmd. However, if the target method is generic or inside a generic type it is slightly tricky, you don’t use <T> but rather `<count of generic types>

So I have a the following inside by foo.exe managed app

namespace Abhinaba
public class PriorityThreadPool<t> : IDisposable
public bool RunTask(T param, Action<t> action)
// cool stuff

To set breakpoint in it I use the following (notice the red highlighted part)

!bpmd ApplicationHost.exe Xap.ApplicationHost.PriorityThreadPool`1.RunTask

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