Tuesday, November 04, 2014

.NET RyuJIT Rocks


As the CLR team announced a few days back, CTP for the new fast JIT from .NET (code named RyuJIT) is out. Go check out the announcement at In the post they say

Recently the Bing team has tried using RyuJIT on top of 4.5.1 in some of their processing, and they see a 25% reduction in startup time in their scenario.  This is the most significant real-world throughput win we have witnessed on RyuJIT thus far.

Being from that “Bing Team” let me just say that RyuJIT just blew our expectation. Some of our workloads run incredibly large managed loads (many 1000s of assemblies running million of methods). We saw dramatic drop in startup time as well as subsequent JIT time. And also may I add that we are actually using the CTP bits to serve live traffic. It’s been pretty stable for us.

The graph shows the startup times averaged over all machines.


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