Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fastest way to switch mouse to left handed

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I think I was born left handed, unfortunately I was brought up to be right handed. This was not uncommon in India 30 years back. Left hand usage was looked down upon.

However, the good thing is I am still ambidextrous (equal handed) in some things like using the mouse. For ergonomic reason I keep switching between left and right hand usage to ensure I do not wear out both my wrists with 12 hour daily computer usage.

The main problem I face when I switch and even otherwise when I am in left-hand mode is that most PC’s are configured for right hand use. In a course of the day I use many machines (upwards of 10) as I remote into data-center machines and even 3-4 local machines. The fastest way I have found to switch between left and right hand mouse is just run the following command either from the console or from WindowsKey+R

rundll32.exe user32.dll,SwapMouseButton

Basically this command calls the SwapMouseButton win32 function in user32.dll.

If you know of anything more brief either using command shell or powershell do let me know.

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