Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Working in the United States

Eucalyptus trees-  Trek in the hills

I am sure everyone has read about the “you cannot possibly pronounce or spell” volcano in Iceland throwing up in the air and screwing up the entire flight system of this planet. While most people were reading about it from the comfort of their home I was doing the same while waiting in airports with a 5 year old tagged along. Anyways, 48 hours and a switch in the direction of flights got me to some countries I didn’t really plan to visit and over the Pacific to land in Seattle.

Going forward I will be working out of the Microsoft Redmond offices, doing pretty much the same stuff I was doing before (working on the .NET Compact Framework runtime).

Right now I am settling down with my family and my daughter is excited to see snow for the first time (she got lucky as there was a small snowfall on Saturday in Snoqualmie pass). The changes we need to adjust to is humongous, we left Hyderabad when it was 43° Celsius and now it’s 6° Celsius in Redmond. Oh sorry I should’ve said it was 110°F and now it’s  43°F in Redmond.

Wish me luck and hopefully finally I will be able to attend some nerddinners.

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Unknown said...

Abhinaba - It's really happened to see your blog, was thinking how i missed yours. I was reading your 5yrs in M$ exactly on Apr 30th 2009 as well Apr 28 2010 post on moving to Redmond. I wish I had the opportunity to work with M$, but, you've been with them for more than 5yrs now.

Read couple of your posts on NETCF and SL on Nokia stuff. Continue your posts, will follow in my iPhone henceforth daily.

Congrads on moving to US.