Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obsession with desktop continues


This is my new office setup. I have been pushing around a lot of code lately and felt I needed more real-estate to effectively do what I'm doing. So I hooked up another monitor. All  3 are standard HP LP1965 19" monitors.

However, since none of my video cards support 3 monitors and I have a whole bunch of computers to hook up I had to do some complex wiring around :). If I number the screens 1,2,3 from left to right this is how it works out

  • 1 and 2 is connected to my main dev box (machine1)
  • 2 and 3 is connected to the machine I use for emails and browsing (machine 2)
  • 2 actually goes through a 4-port KVM switch using which it can circle through machine1, machine2 and two other less used machines
  • 1 also goes through a 2 port KVM switch and connects a xbox and machine 1
  • I don't use the laptop at work directly, I connect to it using remote desktop.

Sweet :)

It's not as complex as it sounds. For my normal flow I just use the KVM to switch between machine-1 and machine-2. I rarely need to switch between the xbox and machine1.

PS: Don't try to make much sense of the Vintage books on the shelve, I plan to keep them for some more time before handing them off to some historian.


Tim said...

You could take advantage of the laptop display real-estate by using some virtual kvm software, like Synergy

That way you don't take up one of your computer monitors with essentially a duplicate of the laptop screen in remote desktop...


Abhinaba Basu said...

Synergy was suggested to me by another person. Let me see if I can use it