Friday, April 11, 2008

Multi-threaded developer


Once upon a time a kick-ass developer I knew told me that a good developer needs to be multi-threaded and run the following threads

  1. The main worker thread: This is the one used to code up 3-tier applications for your employer. This pays for the rent and for that fancy big car.
  2. The core thread: This is the one that's used to read up data-structures, OS and other fundamental CS stuff which helps you to join into discussion when folks are discussing threaded BST. This also helps you to crack an interview in case you need a new job.
  3. The cool thread: This is the one you use to read up about Silver Light Mobile, ASP.NET MVC Framework, JSON, etc. This keeps you up to date and let's you hang around with other geeks like Scot Hanselman and Don Box

The same person also told me that real programmers do not blog, he asked me "Do you know about Dave Cutler or Linus Torvald's blog?". So I guess we can safely ignore him :)

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