Saturday, December 01, 2007

Choose your company name well


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Sometime back Hutch phone in India got bought over by the international phone giant vodafone. They re-branded Hutch in India to Vodafone.

Now when I call up home and the phone is busy I get a recorded message in Bengali which means "The Vodafone number you're trying to call is busy". All that is good but the problem is that vodafone in Bengali exactly means foolish phone. So I just hang up and wait for the foolish-phone to get free.


Unknown said...

That sounds funny.

While, I don't know Bengali - it could be because they would try to speak Vodafone in bengali accent. Brands should not be spoken in the language of the user. So, microsoft remains microsoft (spoken), let it be bengali, greek, hebrew etc

One thing I like about Bengali is that it is sweet language. For e.g. if the brand name is Anand, it could be spoken as "Anando" in bengali.

I am guessing that Vodafone might be spoken as "BhodaFone" :) - which makes it a foolish phone.

I am sorry, if this has offended you in anyways. I don't intend that. I respect the languages our country has & the role (influence) our languages play, even when we speak english.

Abhinaba Basu said...

Nope dude, VodaPhone in its correct pronunciation means that. It's just that when inside a bong sentence the meaning is very prominent.