Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All programming languages evolve towards Lisp


2007_01_28 120

In an internal DL people were debating what all should be included in the next version of C#. One of the things I suggested turned into an interesting thread.

Abhinaba: Add if as expression (like in Ruby) so that I can do the following

var ageGroup = if age < 2
               else if age < 19

SomeOne: Can't we do

var ageGroup = ((age < 2) ? "Infant" : ((age < 19) ? "Teen" : String.Empty));

Abhinaba: We can but put 4 more cases and it’ll start looking like Lisp :) with all the parenthesis.

SomeTwo: All programming languages evolve towards Lisp.

Yeah, right!!!

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