Friday, July 28, 2006

The CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Steve Balmer is visiting Hyderabad on the 15th (next Monday). There's a lot of excitement around this. He is supposed to inaugurate a part of the new Microsoft Campus and also to lay foundation stone for the second phase.

Hyderabad is very proud to house the MS IDC, a race it won by defeating several other cities. This visit is raising lot of rumors and some sites have gone as far as to predict that the new center will slowly grow and employ 5000 developers and will be the largest outside US. Check out This appears to be a very distant reality. Personally I’m eager to hear what he has to say.

MS was working out of rented facilities that spread across multiple floors in different buildings. Since these building are part of Software Parks, some additional benefits come with it. You get banks, ATMs, florists, travel agents, restaurants all at the same place.

However, like most people I prefer the company having its own campus. You get a feel of unity and get to meet a lot more people from your own company. Casual chats over a cup of coffee can give amazing insight into a different technology domain which the other guy sharing your table works in. I just can’t wait to get into the new building once it start functioning…

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