Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Windows Vs UNIX

To prove that you are a Techie the first thing you must do is abuse Windows and prove how instable and insecure it is.

I have worked on Windows and Linux and tiny little bit on Solaris. I was amazed at the strategy of Windows. When the UNIX developers were just concerned about coming up with an OS as secure as Fort-Nox, as stable as the Great Wall of China. MS came out with this lame OS which just allowed users to do anything they wanted and crashed when a person sneezed in the next room.

Yes UNIX is a great OS; it’s so secure that the common users cannot get in!! So they just turned and went for Windows where they could do just what they wanted without knowing how to mount file systems and what permission levels are and what an inode has to do with it.

So MS got all the dollars whereas UNIX vendors fought to make their stuff as secure as possible. Then one day everyone suddenly realized that MS has all the money in the world to now start securing and stabilizing their OS and still everyone will stick to them, cause they cannot go anywhere else, as they are so used to it and have billion of dollars in investment binding them to it. This realization has made the UNIX vendors who used to say that command prompt rules and to run for developing a GUI. But I guess its already too late.

Even from an application developers point of view developing and debugging on Windows is so easy. I have worked on cross-platform products and have seen people try to do the same thing on UNIX as I was doing on Windows!!!!

Anyway, may be I'm proving my self to be a non-techie cause I do not prefer gdb over VC++ debugging environment or consider vim as gods gift to mankind.

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Anonymous said...

Look Java has SUN behind it and no matter what people pay me ( i am from India by the way) i will still shy away from JAVA. I really like all that JAZZ about microsoft trying to tie up window's shoe laces in an attempt to stop it from tipping over, but where are the results.
P.S do you mean to say that developing a new API or a new file system WINFS is securing windows , or developing a new product with kamakazi marketing is making it secure. Every year or so i keep hearing a new product from microsoft .